Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit
Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit

Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit

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Do you face a daily battle with frizzy, undisciplined, rebellious hair? Then it’s time to introduce your locks to the Fanola Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit.

Keraterm Shampoo

The Fanola Keraterm Shampoo is perfect for those who chemically or mechanically straighten their hair. It is because of the innovative thermo-active technology that is in Keraterm. That is activated with heat and protects the hair when using heated styling tools. It makes Keraterm a true “friend” of straighteners and hairdryers.

Features & Benefits

• Delicately cleanses hair.
• Eliminates frizz leaving hair smooth and easy to comb.
• Leaves hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.
• Makes hair easier to handle and style.
• pH 5,2-5,7

How to Use

Apply to wet hair, massage delicately and rinse.

Keraterm Mask

The Fanola Keraterm Mask is perfect for those who chemically or mechanically straighten their hair. It works by targeting frizz, static electricity and humidity. Leaving hair smooth and silky without weighing it down The mask also nourishes, detangles, and hydrates hair.

Features & Benefits

• Anti-frizz disciplining mask.
• Nourishes, detangles, and hydrates locks.
• Targets frizz, static electricity, and humidity.
• Leaves hair smooth and silky.
• ph 4,2 - 4,7.

How to Use

Apply after washing to towel-dried hair. Distribute the mask evenly and massage lock by lock from the base to the ends. Put on a shower cap and leave for 3-5 minutes. Comb using an anti-static comb, then rinse thoroughly.

Keraterm Spray

The Keraterm Spray is ideal for assisting hair straightening and blowdrying as it eliminates frizz. The progressive smoothing thermal-active spray leaves hair smooth and silky, with a gradual smoothing effect over time. It is perfect for hair that is straightened chemically or with straighteners.

Features & Benefits

• pH of 1.5-2.0
• Combats humidity with thermo-active technology that facilitates the use of brushes and hairdryers.
• Shortens the overall drying and straightening time.
• Eliminates frizz.
• Leaves hair smooth, silky, and supple.
• Protects hair from heat and mechanical stress.

How to Use

Spray all over towel-dried hair and then use a brush to blowdry the hair.

If using straighteners, spray on dry hair one lock at a time, then use straighteners.

The Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit Includes:

1x Keraterm Shampoo 300ml

1x Keraterm Mask 300ml

1x Keraterm Spray 200ml